“Amansado: A blend of passions

The background: Adolfo and Gustavo, the Brennan brothers. Two co-founders with a proven track record in Mendoza and Argentina’s market. Even though, their field has always been the health industry, in 2012, their passion took them to new directions: creole horses breeding and the elaboration of their first wine.

From this analogy, these two worlds have come together to give birth to Amansado. Its virtue is born as well: the virtue of patiently awaiting, cool down and soothe the wine from the vineyard… of understanding and safeguarding its main character.

We are inspired by the amanse, the basis
of a good mount and a good wine.”

We are a boutique family winery where effort, patience and the common dreams come together.

Having their vision for new generations, the cofounders bet to a sustainable future, processes and innovation in their field, as well as a young teamwork that shares, not only their vision but also their passion.

Our estates are and will ever be part of us, protecting and safeguarding them is our way of preserving our story.”